All elementary school contents included

One VR helmet per student

All experiences include custom narrator

Each experience lasts 40 minutes

“Life is better shown through nature than through the institutions of man” – Tagore

It has been proven that within a classroom the emotional link to the roots of science and culture is lost … thus learning becomes boring, when it is in the nature of a child to learn. VIRTUAL SCHOOL ™ gives schools the ability to take students out into the world without losing the safe and controlled environment of a classroom.


Live like they lived

Depth to the Past

The reconstruction of world memory never saw such a technological change. Virtual reality allows people to move freely through the past. To put yourself in the shoes of those who lived before is to better understand our place in the world today.

The expanded reality of VirtualWorld ™ allows the time traveler to smell, feel and touch the world before.

Photography was considered a tool to immortalize humans. Now they come to life with holograms in real time interacting with the living.